MODA Restaurant Content Marketing Case Study

In addition to writing allpages of the Moda Restaurant website to showcase the unique character, cuisine and the esteemed profile of lead chef and front of house host, the fine dining restaurant wisehd to boost attendance to their monthly “Sip you Cellar” dinners. These were dinners where patrons pre-booked attendance for a 4 course degustation dinner and learnt about wine and food pairings.

The keyword “degustation dinners Brisbane” was used as the focus of the articles for which there was high monthly searches but limited competition. At the time of these efforts, monthly searches related to degustation dinners in Brisbane directed a major spike in traffic to the Moda Restaurant website, and resulted in booked out events over the subsequent months.

Other content planning for Moda Restaurant involved blogging activity regarding their wedding reception rooms and private functions, for which private functions were a lucrative activity for the venue. Harnessing keyword opportunities like “vintage wedding receptions” and other keywords like “Courtyard weddings in Brisbane” and creating content around these, helped to raise the profile of the restaurant as a boutique and intimate wedding venue in Brisbane, allowing it to compete with the many other options in the CBD.

I was also involved in positioning Moda Restaurant’s function rooms as a high end meeting space for international journalists and delegates during the Brisbane G20 summit, for I created separate landing pages targeting ‘G20 venues’ and other meeting rooms, as well as visitor guides for those visiting Brisbane during the 4 day summit.

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