SEO Copywriting Brisbane

If no one is finding your website online, one of the biggest things you can do is to rewrite the copy with a targeted keywords related to terms people are searching for.


SEO Copywriting is developing written content that speaks to search engines and people. It means researching relevant keywords and phrases related to your business and developing useful and valuable content based on these terms. For any website, the onsite content is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and enquiries with highly targeted, relevant and useful content the key to boosting your business online.


Whether it’s a  Sydney, Cessnock, Lismore or Brisbane business, WORDS THAT WORK can research the right words, terms and phrases that your customers are searching for and incorporate these into your website copy, landing pages and blog posts in a way that will speak volumes to both people and search engines.

I’ve been a SEO copywriter for a number of Brisbane digital marketing companies. Daily writing is in my DNA and developing useful and onsite content for new websites while choosing carefully crafted heading, meta descriptions and image text that search engines index is at the heart of what I specialise in.

Unless you know what you are doing, attempting to your own website can be fraught with problems. To bring eyeballs and enquiries to your website, it takes a carefully considered keyword strategy, persuasive copywriting, plus a knack for identifying keyword opportunities that your competitors may not have already considered.

Don’t mince your words. WORDS THAT WORK can harness the power of organic search and bring serious $$ to your business. CONTACT ME TODAY.

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