Natalie Cook Olympian and Motivational Speaker – Case Study

5 Time Olympic volleyballer and gold medallist, Nat Cook wanted to raise her profile after wrapping up her volleyball career by embarking on the motivational speaking circuit. In addition to highly engaging persuasive copy on the website that Nat signed off on herself herself, the site needed to be highly persuasive, and inspire people to take action to sign up to her online store. The copy had to be highly motivational reflecting the tone of Natalie’s 1 on 1 sessions and capturing the fun-loving and direct nature of Natalie’s no nonsense persona.

The project also involved writing the script for her promotional video as well as one on one interviews in a Q&A format to assist her email subscribers and visitors to the site to feel like they were getting to know the high profile athlete. Since the motivational speaker and motivational speakers terms were highly competitive, these interviews and videos gave something for her to share to her following and helped to cement her as a speaker later booked for corporate events including Avon.

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